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Kekoflex new scale 1/6 11,4 inch figure!
(if you can´t wait)

Many of you are requesting scale figures 1/6.

We have in project to make figures in that scale, but still there is not a date in our schedule. So, if you can´t wait we have decided to offer our 1/6 female figure prototype (this prototype is not designed for sailing).

As prototype not for sailing, the quality of figure is poor (future figures will be much better). Some parts of the new figure as hands are many improvable.

In other hand, body size has similar dimensions as the famous Mattel´s dolls (except in feet), so you can use same clothes in both figures.

  Kekoflex nude 1/6 scale body with Barbie head  

Figure has an interior and articulated skeleton with a flexible exterior covering.

Figure without head size approx 10 in. high and 195 gr weight.

Figure is sailing without head.

Figure is not a children toy.

Artisan work figure.

Figure can be bent into more realistic positions.

Head and clothing can be removed.

Basic figure is naked without genitals.

  Kekoflex 1/6 body lingerie with Barbie head



This Kekofex figure is only made upon customer request. Send us a mail to know the delivery time or any other detail.

Kekoflex girl blue bikini  

Sale price:


and shipping cost

Figure is sailing without head.

Spain shipping costs: 4.84€

Europe zone 1 shipping costs (Europe and Greenland): 9€

Rest of the world zone 2 shipping costs: 12.57€



Kekoflex back 1/6 female figure blue bikini


Payments: Paypal

Shipping: Priority Mail International



Shipping costs are charged once per order, regardless of the number of products purchased.


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