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Kekoflex new hair and new helmets
for warrior action figure!

New hair is very similar than old one, but is closed to the head, to allow to put into head some pretty helmets.

In picture, new hair in left side, and old hair (sale in figures) in right one.

As the old hair, new one is made in silicone, and can be removed.



Kekoflex warrior hairy heads



And we present two helmets:

one with chinstrap and nape protection.

and other casque in ojival style very simple, ideal to customize.

The are made in polyurethane resin, very easy to paint or modify (to cut, to drill).



Kekoflex warrior with roman style helmet





If you want to buy some Kekoflex helmet, please send us a mail to know our stock.

Kekoflex warrior with ojival style casque  

Sale price for new hair and new helmet:


Sale price for each extra helmet:


and shipping cost

Spain shipping costs: 4.84€

Europe zone 1 shipping costs (Europe and Greenland): 9€

Rest of the world zone 2 shipping costs: 12.57€

  Kekoflex warrior with helmet custom viking style  

Payments: Paypal

Shipping: Priority Mail International



Shipping costs are charged once per order, regardless of the number of products purchased.



Kekoflex hair and helmets

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