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multi-position action figures

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Operating instructions and other information about Kekoflex figures

About Kekoflex figures:

• Head, hair, boots, hands (in female figures) and clothing can be removed.

• Is not a children toy.

• Handmade in Barcelona, Spain.

• Materials: silicone, wire and plastic.

• Washable.

• Fall resistant.

• Fabrication and articulation system patented.

  Kekoflex axe Conan style warrior mix  

Operating instructions:

• Some alcohol drops between body and clothes allows to dress and undress the figure easily.

• If you want to fix some accessory (hair, hands....) use transparent silicone.

  Kekolex girl undressing bra silicone doll

Precautions to prolong the life of Kekoflex figures (with normal use figures last in perfect conditions for years):

Kekoflex naked girl latex doll nude   • Interior wire can break. You must avoid to bend fast and repeated, or to try hard forced positions.

• If interior wire breaks, is not possible to repair.
  Kekoflex sexy pink bikini open legs silicone full articulated doll  

• Silicone can tear, if you keep the figure in forced position for long time (days or weeks).

If this happens, you can repair the cut with transparent silicone.

• Store the figure as draw position.

Kekoflex store the figures as draw position


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