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multi-position action figures

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Kekoflex new female fraulein girl
action doll figure!

New features:

Surface finished much better.

Now hands are included in the body, so figure view is more unify.

New softersilicone used, more adaptable.

Wrist more flexible.

Tanned skin.

New improved foot joint. (old shoes do not work now).

New head models.

New shoes models.


Kekoflex anatomy body female naked

Kekoflex fantastic female figure underwear


Old features:

price: 25€ and shipping cost.

New figure is based on old body prototype, so proportions are almost the same than old one. (you can to use old clothes in new figure).

Figure can be bent into more realistic positions!

Head, hair, boots, and clothing can be removed.

Basic figure is naked without foots, and with external genitals.

Figure have an interior and articulated skeleton with a flexible exterior covering.

Approx 6 in. high and 50 gr weight.

Is not a children toy.

Artisan work figure.

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Kekoflex girl body naked

Kekoflex red dress female


If you want to buy some figure Kekoflex, please,
send us a mail to know our stocks.

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